Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)

Companies and businesses understand the importance of having a business continuity program, most created and managed this program within the company and some even hire professionals and experts to help them have the best-designed business continuity program and assist them with its implementation. If you lack the experience and expertise in this program or you need help in implementing the business continuity program your company created quickly and efficiently — you have the option to partner with a managed service provider that offers business continuity as their service.

What Is Business Continuity as a Service?

Most companies already have a business continuity program within their organization so what is Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)?

Business continuity as a service is the act of partnering with a third party that offers to design, create, implement, and maintain the resiliency program of the business. This managed continuity framework delivers data-driven solutions to address the distinct threats your business faces. 

 As your managed service provider, we are handling the responsibility of BCM Program for you. 

How Business Continuity as a Service will help your company:

Let’s talk about the benefits your company will get from getting a Business Continuity as a service from a third party

1. Managed Service Provider 

Virtual Corporation Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) provides professional support for business continuity programs and software tools that transition BCM management responsibility from the client to Virtual Corporation. 

Even though having a business continuity program within the company is important, a lot of companies have trouble finding experts in both building and implementing business continuity programs and at the same time fits with the organization’s culture.
Many companies have an extremely difficult time recruiting and keeping experts in this position. Even larger locations like New York City or Boston can take months or even years to process the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of experts in the field of a business continuity program.

Virtual Corporation Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) relieves the organization of this problem. You will have access to work with experienced business continuity program experts without hiring them. Our managed service approach will focus on building a sustainable program for your company. 

We offer a variety of engagement options, so you can custom-design your BCaaS service and, add value to your organization by:

  • Improving your Business Continuity Management capabilities
  • Reducing operating cost variability
  • Increasing your focus on core competencies
  • Gaining peace of mind knowing that your Business Continuity program follows industry best practices
  • Leveraging the depth and breadth of the Virtual Managed Services Team

2. In-House Teams Have High Fixed Costs

When it comes to the nature of business continuity, no one can tell when the program will be called into action. It’s always best for companies to prepare for the unexpected, there must be a structured program created and implemented even before a major disruption brings the business continuity team into action. A company with an in-house business continuity team will have additional costs like staff cost and leadership investment that’s more than some companies want to invest but cannot be disregarded.

Getting a managed service provider offering business continuity as a service can help the company to lessen the cost and also be significantly more flexible. Our Virtual Corporation Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) will be faster and better than hiring in-house.
No need to worry about management overhead costs and hiring experts to work as part of the business continuity team.

3. Difficulty to Scale an In-House Team Quickly When a Crisis Happens

When it’s time to implement the business continuity program or when a disruption happens, companies often need to add a member to the team as quickly as possible. This would be another problem on top of an existing problem because it’s impossible to hire and onboard business continuity experts right away to help with the critical moment. Companies find themselves putting inexperienced staff instead with no experience and deep knowledge of the program.

One recent example of this is the COVID-19 which caused a lot of companies to shut down and mass lay off across the country. This led to a lot of companies and organizations struggling to adjust to this rapidly changing world. Having business continuity as a service can help lessen the struggles of your healthcare business, scale up quickly, and provide your company with experts to help you adjust faster.

Does Business Continuity as a Service fit the needs of your organization?

  • You need to justify a BCM program for executive commitment
  • You have a limited budget for a properly resourced BCM program
  • You have only one person for managing your BCM program
  • Your BC program lacks coordination and consistency across departments
  • You do not use an automated planning tool for BCM planning
  • You do not regularly exercise your BCM plans
  • You need a BCM program to meet a regulatory or audit requirement
  • Your organization was not well prepared for COVID-19
  • You do not regularly update your BC plans
  • You like the idea of having a certified and knowledgeable staff completely manage your BCM program

Does Business Continuity as a Service fit the needs of your organization?

Program Management

Provide program support for the implementation and management of business continuity services offerings.

This includes:

  • Dedicated Business Continuity Management Consultants to lead, manage and coordinate all business continuity activities
  • Development of an annual and multi-year BCM strategy roadmap that includes identification of resilience improvements
  • All status meetings and reporting to executive leadership
  • Quarterly progress reporting with an internal Steering Committee (or appropriate governance entity)

Who are Virtual Corporation Managed Services Programs for?

We find our programs are best suited for companies with the following criteria:

  • No/ Small Business Continuity department
  • Limited Budget
  • Outdated Business Continuity Plans/Program
  • Internal audit/regulatory requirements

BCaaS 3-Year Notional Timeline

Our managed services approach focuses on building a sustainable program. Typical engagements last between 1-3 years to ensure we ingrain the ideas of business continuity into the corporate culture.

Here is a sample of how we’d work with you on engaging your organization and growing the program’s maturity.

Year 1

Initiation of Program
  • Maturity Assessment (Where are we now?)
  • Program Structure
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Inaugural Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)

Year 2

Implementation/ Planning
  • Employee Awareness Training
  • Annual update of BIA & BCPs
  • Update Business Continuity Plans
  • Expansion of BC Program to include additional Business Functions or Departments
  • Conduct Tabletop Exercises

Year 3

Program Improvement & Maturity
  • Employee Awareness Training
  • Annual update of BIA & BCPs
  • Update Business Continuity Plans
  • Expansion of BC Program to include additional Business Functions or Departments
  • Conduct Tabletop Exercises
  • Identification of risk failure points
  • Implementation of risk reduction strategies

Business Continuity Maturity Model®

Assess the current state of your business continuity capabilities to demonstrate improvements over time.

This includes:

  • Unlimited access to Virtual’s online BCMM assessment tools & BCMM Maturity Scorecard
  • Consultant training and guidance on use of tools
  • In-house assessment during set intervals of the engagement
  • Roadmap on areas to improve

Learn more about the Business Continuity Maturity Model (BCMM)

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