Keyword Research Service

Effective keyword research goes far beyond a quick look through Google’s keyword tool. Our professional approach involves constantly evolving, innovative strategies to hone in on the keywords that get results. Engine Ready maps out a diverse short and long term plan to achieve consistent high ranking for our clients.

Keyword Research Techniques

Every successful SEO strategy begins with rigorous and intelligent niche keyword research. Without the research it’s just guesswork. And if you’re guessing, odds are you’re not ranking at all—let alone achieving top position. With competition as fierce as it is in most niches, to get the edge, online keyword research is best done by SEO professionals who can really hone in on a competitive strategy. Engine Ready employs the latest keyword research techniques for guaranteed results.

Competitive Analysis

A key aspect of our SEO consulting services is competitor analysis. When it comes to keyword research one of our first steps is identifying the strategies of the top performing competitors in the niche. We analyze how and with what keywords they are achieving their ranking. We then develop our strategy to outperform them. Having an SEO agency like Engine Ready on your side is your ticket to outranking the top competition in your niche.

Mapping Keywords

Mapping keywords is a crucial and often underestimated aspect of keyword research techniques. Often webmasters will have good keywords, but have them mapped improperly on the site.

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