HackerOne Pentest

Power up your Pentesting

Achieve regulatory compliance and satisfy vendor security assessments across web and mobile applications, APIs, and external network infrastructure.

Pentesting made painless

Penetration tests are often delivered with limited transparency into the testing process. Experience a creative, community-led approach that gives you more coverage, instant results, and seamless remediation workflows—all in one platform.

Get test results as they happen

Why wait for a PDF report to know what needs fixing? Get alerted to bugs as they’re found, and finish remediation cycles faster.

Seamless software development integration

Integrate with internal ticketing systems to seamlessly manage backlogs and assign reports to team members via your preferred workflow.

Stay compliance-ready

Use our community of a million strong security researchers to get the pentests you need for both regulatory compliance and customer assessments. Satisfy SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and more.

Support your compliance requirements with a diverse testing portfolio

Uncover vulnerable software, weak credentials, and infrastructure misconfigurations across web, mobile, network, API, and desktop assets.

  • Root out vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications to keep your data safe.
  • Find weaknesses in infrastructure that hosts public applications and filters malicious traffic.
  • Test against OWASP top 10 categories and adhere to industry standards.
A comprehensive summary to share with auditors and executives

Get an expert-written summary for auditors and executives

You’ll be able to fix bugs quickly thanks to real-time vulnerability alerts. And at the end of the pentest period you’ll receive a final report that includes key recommendations, the assessed scope, tester profiles, vulnerability details, remediation results, and more.

  • Access your report from the HackerOne platform anytime after testing wraps up.
  • Download a detailed summary report or a high-level attestation— each customized for your needs and audience.
  • Compare AWS Security Hub findings with reports in HackerOne to see duplicates and understand status.

Being able to have issues retested during the same engagement is a game-changer. That’s something that hasn’t been available in the past because traditionally, you didn’t receive the results of a penetration test until after the engagement was over

Learn how Wind River accelerated product development through instant retesting

HackerOne’s approach provides a more realistic testing environment than we’ve had in the past, and that’s a big reason why we chose HackerOne Pentest

Find out how Hired builds customer trust with Pentest

With a normal pentest, you don’t get vulnerability reports until the engagement is over. That’s not ideal, because it means vulnerabilities go unfixed for longer, and you can’t have issues retested without booking a whole new engagement. HackerOne Pentest solved both of these problems for us.


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Penetration testing made easy

Make pentesting more efficient than ever before with easy scheduling and testing through the HackerOne platform.

Quick Scheduling

Schedule pentests faster by accessing a deep bench of testers.

Remediation and Retesting

Verify fixes by retesting with the original test team.

SDLC Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with internal ticketing systems.

Real-time Communication

Get ongoing test updates from program managers and testers.

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