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1337 Company Services brings solutions based upon the needs of clients. Our clients range from different industries, company sizes, technology utilization interests and other mixed demographics. We help them all by further advancing their technology and research objectives and helping free them from these challenges. Our aim is to bring our clients success with passion.

Our commitment to intelligent delivery is absolutely fundamental to our values. Our drive for excellence is further fueled by new and interesting technical challenges. We are grateful to have an unlimited supply of challenges in the tech industry. We can resolve many of these challenges and thereby contribute toward advancing our world.

Our services are tailored to meet your needs. We offer a variety of solutions to address common business needs.

why choose us

We aim to target your objectives

Through the power of applied technology and business intelligence.

About 1337 Company Services, Inc.

Welcome to 1337companyservices.com. 1337 Company Services, Inc. Is a professional service company with mostly IT battle tested solutions experience. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service with decades of experience with various types of businesses and industry challenges at technology. We are here to help take the challenge out of technology with implementing real lasting solutions, whether your brand needs help, you need exposure, web design, web hosting, email or other business technology needs we can solve almost all of your technology challenges.

So feel free to drop us a line about your IT project needs and we will quickly get back in touch with you to further discuss your project(s) and get you relevant quote(s). Thank you for visiting 1337companyservices.com and we look forward to doing business with you.

22 Years IT Experience


Years Of Experience

We Seek to be the Best at what We Do

With a proven track record in Fortune 100 company success, private sector, government and non-profit; not many challenges are impossible to improve upon.

We keep it simple: Research, Plan, Design, Implement and Execute

Our Focus is to your benefit: Aim for continuous success by leveraging technology solutions and best practices.

Solving Your Unique Problems While Increasing Efficiency Adds to Your Success

Whether your challenges are with existing support, hosting, web design, digital marketing, social media marketing, or failing IT projects; we got what it takes to improve your situation as a value add.

Why We Are Best

We help to boost your business on many levels

Faster Mobile and Technology from 1337 Company Services

What Drives Solutions?

The creative genius of applying different variables to any practical application toward mitigation challenge. With every good intention our drive is for you.

Address the common problems with researched solutions.

Applied research to solve every unique problem.

Best Design Practices

We build sites that create new experiences inviting to audiences.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brings about a great organic niche and competitive edge

Our mission

Our Main Objective

Providing solutions to all your virtual IT consulting needs.

How we aim to do it

Be knowledgeable And able to be understood

Give purpose to what we do for customers

Be dedicated and driven for Results and success

Listen to customers; plan meet and exceed technology goals

This is best done by getting everything scoped initially then getting customer input guidance on project advancement to resolution.

Take extra time with customers to explain things

It helps to give necessary understood milestone breakdowns to show achievement and progress

This is best done with maintaining and earning trust with customers every day as the project progresses to completion.

Execute on your promises

Stick to design principles and push forward with quality

Driving quality on return of investment helps ensure happiness and customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Giving you the very best is the hallmark of satisfaction

Let's talk technology on your terms.

This is the way, now is the time to get in touch

Bring us your toughest challenges we want to hear all of it.