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Web Design and SEO

Professional Ecommerce Sites and sites of all types along with the best organic search optimization  methods with strict adherence to the Internet’s very best organic search practices for both on page and off page SEO

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We refer to ourselves as Elite IT with established industry experience in large to medium to small businesses.  We have public and private sector along with non-profit serving experience and both Federal and State experience.  This blend of experiences and expertise qualifies to do the job with excellence.

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Creative & Innovative Solutions

App Development

Bridging your ideas to app marketplaces

Digital Marketing

The very best Organic digital marketing practices: SEO, Search Engine Analytics, Google Search Console.



Logos, Videos, Animation, Editing, Branding we got you.



Streaming, Hosting, Editing, Creation, Channel Content

IT Security

Our industry experience brings insight into hardening your websites, profiles, authentication solutions, protecting your home with IP monitoring.

Web Design

WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Website Builder, Custom Development and Fast

Business Continuity

Let’s help you design continuity for the worst scenarios with peace of mind in sight. 


Bringing your memories to life and displaying them for the world to see if you desire.

IT Support

Support contracts for any size business from help desk to Virtual IT department to CIO or CTO; SMB to Fortune 100 Companies our solutions scale either way.

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Many of us have been gifted with abilities to understand and apply tech solutions.

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About 1337 Company Services Inc.

1337 Company Services brings solutions based upon the needs of clients. Our clients range from different industries, company sizes, technology utilization interests and other mixed demographics. We help them all by further advancing their technology and research objectives and helping free them from these challenges. Our aim is to bring our clients success with passion.

22 Years IT Experience


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